What I'm Loving Wednesday {so NOT school related!}

Last night, I was going through my closet searching for something to put on and I had one of those "ugh I have nothing to wear!" moments.  You know the ones....the ones that take you back to your teenage years when you would get mad at your mom because SOMEHOW it was her fault.  Yes, that was the kind of moment I was having.  And yes, I do in fact have plenty of clothes to put on everyday.  Last night, I was just bored of all my clothes.  Then I realized that in the past 2 months....I have not once step foot in a mall, or a clothing store!  I've spent all my time making countless trips to the hardware store instead.  So to turn my little mood around, I decided to do a little "screen shopping" as I like to call it.  I found a few things that I absolutely love!

All Occasions Dress, lavender

How cute is this purple dress from The Mint Julep?! 

Silverton Tribal Top
Does this Tribal shirt not look super comfy?  

Feeling Loopy Top, Yellow
I'm OBSESSED with these ruffle sleeves!!!

And I'm thinking I might have to treat myself with a little back to school gift.....

Happy Shopping Friends!!

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