Ruffle Lamp Shade DIY and Bookmark Freebie!

Let's rewind back to Christmas time....doing a little gift shopping I had to pop in to the local Anthropologie store, obviously.  I fell in love with this super cute ruffle lamp shade.  (Unfortunately the lamp shade is no longer on the website....but here is a similar look!)  
Ranunculus Swirl Shade
My heart sank when I saw that $100 dollar price tag.  I just couldn't justify spending that much on a lamp shade.  So fast forward to summertime.  I finally got around to creating my own version of the lamp for a FRACTION of the cost!  Yes, I think I spent $8 all together on my version and it turned out pretty darn cute if I say so myself.  

So in order to create your own version of this lamp shade you will need: 
-a lamp shade of your choice (I picked my lamp up at a garage sale for 5 dollars)
-fabric (I needed half a yard) 
-glue gun 
-well rested fingers :) 

Step 1: 
Cut your fabric into squares.  They don't have to be perfect!  Some of mine turned out more like rectangles.  They aren't super big or super small either.  
Step 2: 
Cut the squares into circles.  
Step 3: 
Put a drop of glue into the middle of the circle and bring up the sides to make a little pouff.  

Step 4:
Put a drop of glue on your lamp shade.  It doesn't matter where you start, just fill in however you like! 

 Step 5:
Place your pouff on the drop of glue!

 And TA-DA!!!  A super easy lampshade that looks awesome!  This project was a bit time consuming, but I was able to justify watching a couple episodes of Law and Order while I I was ok with that!
 Now I kind of want to make more in all different color!  

And just for a little more fun, if you made it down this far....a freebie for ya!  
I use this bookmark to track my students' reading growth.  I love it because they never forget their reading level.  They love it because they can see how far they've come!  At the beginning of the year I let my students decorate it and then I laminate it.  

Happy Tuesday!  

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  1. Your lamp looks great! I'm sure it took some time to glue all those on there! I nominated your for an award. You can learn about it here.

    A Very Curious Class

  2. Lurve your blog!

    We've nominated you for a Liebster!!

    Go check it out!

    Darnee & Amanda


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