Classroom Fun and Common Core "I can..." statements!

I've been on the hunt for some new bulletin board borders for my classroom.  I didn't want to go out and spend a whole ton of money, but I'm just kind of tired of my "Dots on Chocolate" goodies that I've had for the past couple of years.
This was my first classroom and it was full of dots on chocolate! I'm in need of some serious change!  

Since I've been hunting...I've found a few goodies and I've only spent about $30!  Which makes me one happy lady!  I decided to stick with my color theme of blue and green and mix together a little polka dot and chevron.  At my local teacher store I found some polka dot borders...
And some chevron via Creative Teaching Press!  

Can't wait to get in and get to decorating again!!  
To go along with some new chevron borders I created some "I can..." statement cards to go along with the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards.  There are 44 cards just print, laminate, and cut!  I can't wait to use them this year instead of writing down the objective everyday and trying to remember exactly how to word it.  Once I get this bad boys on a ring, I'll just hang them from my white board!!  Head over to my TpT store to check them out!  
Inline image 2

Happy {almost} 4th of July!  Enjoy the BBQ's, pool, and fireworks, I know I will be!!

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