Puzzle Me Crazy!

Is anybody else about to go mad with all of the end of the year CRAZINESS?!  I know that my kids have totally checked out for this whole week.  It's a good thing we only have TWO days left!  In a desperate attempt to keep my students engaged and thinking I had them create puzzles for each other to put together  I used this little template....  (and if you click the picture it will take you to the printable version!)

I gave one of these to each student.  Each student could draw anything they wanted to on the puzzle pieces.  The students drew away. Crayons to paper for 15 minutes was music to my ears!  When they went to their morning computer class I ran all the puzzles through the laminating machine.  After computer class, each student cut out their puzzle pieces.  More music to my ears...(it took some serious concentration for their little eight year old fingers to maneuver scissors around those puzzle pieces.)

FINALLY, it was time to trade puzzles and put them together!  The kids had a blast.  I let them trade 2 times so they were able to complete 2 puzzles in addition to their own.

At the end of they day each student had their own puzzle to take home!  So fun, I tell ya what!  

*Next time around, I plan to make my little ones draw shape pictures, symmetry pictures, or pattern pictures.  But for the sake of everyone's sanity it was time for a little colorful fun!  

Happy almost summer everyone!!!

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