Happy summer everyone!  (At least I hope everyone is enjoying the most wonderful time of year by now!)  My summer started off with a bang, and a heck of a lot of paper signing, because I BOUGHT A HOUSE! 

I'm so excited to get my hands dirty and start giving this little guy a makeover! 
I'm working on a few things for the start of the new school year...August will be here before we know it.  I'll be back throughout the summer to keep you posted on my new projects and ideas.  And of course to stay caught up on your ideas!  And in the spirit of redecorating this new little house of mine, I'll also be redoing some of my classroom.  My room currently looks like this....
Photo by whatsnewingrade2
So this should be pretty fun to work with  in a few weeks :) 
Enjoy your summer days!!
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