Five for Friday...or the weekend works too!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again today to share five random things from my week!  We had some fun this week in 2nd grade!

1. My first photo is actually from last week (but I was busy busy last weekend so didn't have time to post, forgive m!) We studied rocks and natural resources and to wrap up our unit we made fossils using air dry clay.  The kids LOVED it.  Therefore, I love it too :)

2.  I was so busy last weekend because my sister got MARRIED!!  It was so fun and exciting and so full of love.

3.  I let my kids make "cootie catchers" this week in our telling time math tub.  I'm sure I will regret it this next week when they start making them ALL THE TIME, but it was fun and they loved quizzing each other.

4.  We are researching and writing about science topics.  First we took notes using a Time for Kids article and then we wrote our own magazine article.  The kids did so well with this.  They got to have fun with it and had a lot of choices on how to set up their writing.  So fun.  Next week, we're going to do another one!

5.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am so excited for Teacher appreciation week!  Mostly for this reason.....I will absolutely be getting my car washed on Wednesday.  And I will be enjoying a nice Fountain Diet Coke.  And I'll leave with a full gas tank.  :)

I'm loving my relaxing weekend.  After my sister's wedding weekend I am in much need of all this time on the couch.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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