I love summer reading!

Two days in a row?!  This is greatness!  Today, I'll be spending my day writing math assessments with some other 2nd grade teachers from the district.  (Though I would probably rather be sitting by the pool drinking some iced tea and lemonade, I know I will be grateful for the assessments when it comes time to take some serious grades!)  But on to more fun topics.  One of my favorite things about summertime is having extra time to read; both for pleasure and professional development.  So today....let's talk books!!

In teacher world I'm reading this...

During my first year of teaching I was in an accelerated masters program; I was a full time teacher AND a full time graduate student.  It was crazy but I learned so much and had so many amazing professors and mentors to work with.  I was also given loads of reading assignments; mostly pieces here and there from different texts.  One of the most beneficial texts I got to dig into was Classroom Discussions. Even though it was only 2 years ago, I need some refreshers.  So I'm spending some time with my nose in my math book!  The whole book is centered around the idea of math congress: providing students with the opportunity to talk through new and old ideas.  With EACH OTHER.  And I know we all give our students the opportunity to talk and answer questions and participate.  But, what if we let our students ask the questions, we let our students lead the discussions??  Then we would be seriously doing them some favors.  I'm only about 35 pages in, and I love it!  Go get yourself a copy!

And for some fun reading I'm reading this....

The Bride Quartet.  The four-book series is mushy, girly, happy, and so quick and easy to read...just can't put it down until it's finished.  I started a week ago, and I'm halfway through the fourth and final book.

What are you guys reading??  Do you have any recommendations for some more professional development?  What are your ideas and beliefs on math talk?  I would love to hear some feedback!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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