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I'm back from a MAJOR blog hiatus!!  Where does the time go?!  Seriously, I think it was summer just last week and tomorrow is Halloween.  HALLOWEEN!  Insane.  I'm here today to share how I keep my reading groups organized and I don't have to remind my students what group they are in...because one less thing for me to have to remind my kids during the day, the better.

I have a reading group board right next to my small group table.

If we zoom in on one of my groups we see a sticky note.  On the sticky note I write the task that the students should do independently and the next time we will meet.  Again, so they don't have to ask me what their job is! If you notice, there are no sticky notes on group 1 or 2.  These groups are still knee deep in guided reading so we do all of our work together at this point! 

Right now I have one book club happening and these students get to write their own task and choose their meeting date!  This takes some practice, but I tell ya what, they LOVE it.  By the end of the year, I usually have 3 groups who get to write their own tasks.  (I keep the extra six up there in case we ever do partner book clubs or we need different strategy groups,)

Right below my reading group board I keep my file boxes full of our books for the next couple of days.  (Looks like group 1 got off easy this week ;) ).  

3 reasons I love my reading group board: 
1. The kids always know what group they are in.  
2.  The students always know what their job is and when it is due.  
3.  Eventually, it allows for independence in choosing reading assignments when working in book clubs.  

Also, I finally got around to publishing some Common Core "I Can..." statement cards on TpT.  So head on over to my store to check them out!  

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