Howdy Friends!

Hi friends!  What a whirlwind this school year has been!  I feel like I haven't had more than a few moments to catch my breath.  We are implementing all sorts of new things that I'm trying to get all adjusted to and comfortable with.  I'ts all kinds of fun though!  I've had some opportunities to do some fun stuff too.
Last week we read the book "The Great Chase".  We talked about making predictions and asking questions while we read.

It is a stinking cute book if I do say myself!  
After we finished reading it we did a little interactive writing.  

Then the kiddies got to make puppets to retell the story.  They copied our interactive writing activity on the back of their lunch sack puppets.  

Then they decorated their little frog characters {the main character is a little frog}.  And then they used their puppets to retell the story with their reading partner!  It was So. Much. Fun.  

Speaking of reading partners...I just put up a fun partner reading resource on TpT!  

Check it out!

Happy Monday to all!

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