I'm Teacher Tired!

Holy cow you guys!  I've been dog paddling to keep up with everything since school started two weeks ago!  I've been slacking on this little blog of mine, but I knew I had to give my new students ALL of my effort, attention, and energy.  I knew if I was drafting blog posts and creating new products to sell, I would be slacking on the little ones who need me most of all.  But I'm finally back into my daily routine of falling asleep on the couch around 9 PM school and home.  So that being said, we are having our Curriculum Info night tomorrow night!  I love getting to know the parents in my room better and explaining all the fun we have in 2nd grade.  I always have a powerpoint with info about me, our routines and procedures, and all of our learning objectives.  This year I'm trying something new.  I'm giving all of the parents a quick little survey to fill out to "help me, help them"!  I'm hoping to gain a little more insight and communicate to all of the parents that we are on the same team!  And the great news...I'm sharing it with you all!  So click on the photo and hopefully you can find some use for it in your life!

Keep drinking that caffeine!!

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