Fairy Tale Fun

We have been studying fairy tales like crazy, and let me just say, my kids are LOVING it!  We've read a few as a class and my students are reading others independently and discussing them in their book clubs.  One of our grade level standards is to compare and contrast different versions of the same fairy tale.  So tonight, I'm here to share with you some favorite versions of mine!  I start out by reading the "classic" version first and then we read a newer or different version.

First up the classic...Cinderella!

This is my favorite version of the classic story of Cinderella.  The pictures are awesome too!
My favorite re-make version of Cinderella is....

Oh my gosh, you guys, it is SO funny!  The kids laugh so hard (and I might laugh pretty hard too).  Bigfoot Cinderella's stepsisters make her smell good and wear flowers, when all she wants is to be dirty and stinky.  After reading this my class starting checking out books all about bigfoot and if bigfoot is real, so great!

Next up is Hansel and Gretel!  This is my personal favorite.  I don't know why I like it so much because it is actually really creepy, I think I love how much my students hate the witch!

My favorite classic version.

I recently discovered this version that takes place in an African jungle.  Holy moly, the pictures are so fun!  It also goes along perfectly with our study of the 7 continents.

This last one is pretty classic, but the pictures are funny, funny, funny!

And just for kicks, a pretty cool version I found of Jack and the Beanstalk, which my boys are just loving, is a graphic novel of the classic tale!

Hopefully you and your students might be able to take advantage of some of these!  I'm off to bed to rest up for some second grade play rehearsals tomorrow!  Have a happy Wednesday!

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